Full-stack Engineer (React & Rails) at Strategyzer

Posted on: 06/02/2022

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Tags: rails react

Are you tired of working in a Feature Factory and spending most of your time writing code for features conceived by others? Do you want to know and talk to customers? Understand who they are and solve their problems? We’re looking for a mid to senior full-stack developer to build a “data through play” experience for our customers to design & test their business ideas. If you're a fan of our books, the Business Model Canvas and other tools. This a great opportunity to learn and use those tools internally, as well as build out the digital platform that incorporates the tools and methodology. If you know React & Rails and you want to work in a small collaborative autonomous customer-focused team and have an impact. Come join us - [https://strategyzer-ag.breezy.hr/p/bccedaf0783d-full-stack-d...](https://strategyzer-ag.breezy.hr/p/bccedaf0783d-full-stack-developer-react-rails)