Backend Engineers at Slim.AI

Posted on: 06/02/2022

Location: Golang, Cloud-Native (REMOTE)

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Tags: lambda github serverless golang containers

I'm the founder and CTO at Slim.AI. I created DockerSlim as a hackathon project and it turned into a journey to redefine how DevOps is done for devs building cloudnative apps. We are still early stage, but we are fortunate enough to have 40M+ to support our mission. Our engineering team is the innovation engine for our product because we are building a solution to solve our own problems creating and running containerized cloud-native applications. We use Golang, Serverless/Lambda and containers. More about us and the role on our eng github page ( <> ). Our Interview Process: We don't do Leetcode or the usual trivia-based puzzles and whiteboarding interviews. We customize the interview process based on the candidates and their background to make sure we get to learn as much possible and to see how working together can be mutually beneficial. Our Engineering Principles: * We use what we build. * We share a common cloud-native mindset and a platform thinking DNA. * We create stage appropriate designs that can evolve and that can be thrown away when necessary. * We optimize for evolvable architecture building an extensible and composable system with disposable components using an API first approach. * We optimize our designs for people first and machines second. * We care about the entire system we are building considering the needs of our teammates and the impact of the design decisions we make. * We learn together. * We share knowledge and give back to the tech community. * We have a written down and transparent culture that enables our remote first asynchronous approach to engineering. * We have a lightweight engineering process based on trust, self-alignment and visibility.