Staff Software Engineer (Full Stack) at Ursa Major Tech

Posted on: 10/01/2021

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Tags: rocket

Ursa Major Technologies was founded to bring a new model to space access: one in which every link in an enormous value chain isn’t limited by those around it. We design rocket engines and propulsion solutions. Ursa is made up of some of the best rocket propulsion engineers in the industry. As we move into stages of more advanced R&D and production, we're outgrowing some of the early tools and processes we had in place. The Advanced Programs - Software group is being formed to solve these challenges. Think high-throughput data backend to move streaming sensor data from the test stands, and rich data exploration frontends. Current population: 1, so you get to wear many hats and help choose our stack. Currently looking for a generalist with strong frontend/UI experience. US Citizen or permanent resident required. Website: <> Job reqs: <> 7-minute test fire of Hadley, our 5,000 lbf ox-rich staged combustion engine (America's first): <>