Mobile, Backend, Frontend, Design, Product Management at HiHello

Posted on: 06/01/2021

Location: Palo Alto, CA (REMOTE)

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Tags: figma typescript graphql aws react

At HiHello we believe that who you know is often more important than what you know. We’re puzzled by why we don’t have better tools to help us grow and curate our most valuable asset: our network. We are on a mission to build a new business relationship network that has a high signal to noise ratio. Our wedge for doing this starts with digital business cards. We make it possible for people to finally do away with paper business cards and instead have a modern, beautiful, professional digital business card to share their identity. In the process, we enable our users to collect all their human relationships in a digital form. HiHello’s digital business card platform caters to individuals (Free, Basic, Professional) and to teams (Business and Enterprise). We want to do all of this while being grounded to our core values of Love, Trust, and Value. We want to build a product people love, a company people trust, and deliver value to our users so that they are willing to pay us directly for it. (We will never sell our users data or use it for advertising.) We're hiring for: o Mobile Engineer: Expert in React Native for building mobile apps that are beautiful and performant. o Frontend Engineer: Someone who can use React, Typescript, and modern web technologies to craft beautiful experiences on the desktop and mobile web. o Backend Engineer: Someone with incredibly strong CS fundamentals, who understand data structures and data modeling for flexibility and performance. Stitching together APIs, creating new elegant ones, and working with Google Cloud/AWS, GraphQL, authentication, security, and overall awesomeness. o Product Designer: A unicorn like blend of design, marketing, and business. User flows, wireframes, visually beautiful prototypes and dreaming in Figma. o Product Manager: Someone who loves bringing order to chaos and can distill information and requests from multiple sources and organize it all into a coherent roadmap and help everyone else operate at peak efficiency.