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Posted on: 11/01/2021

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Tags: apache cassandra redis spark ansible kafka javascript terraform vue python elasticsearch

Are you a Python programmer based in North or South America, interested in large-scale data processing (terabytes per month, petabytes in our archive), and making use of massively-parallel computing architectures, such as those behind Spark and Dask? Do you have any existing interests in real-time streaming data, such as can be powered by systems like Apache Kafka and Redis Streams? Or, are you a DevOps-minded Linux expert with a love of cloud automation, configuration management, and immutable architecture? If so, then you should apply for our fully distributed team, since we are hiring! Python Data Engineers[1] write code that runs on hundreds of cloud nodes, using best-in-class distributed database technologies like Kafka, Cassandra, and Elasticsearch. Infrastructure Engineers[2] focus their Python and Linux skills on cloud server automation, such as Ansible and Terraform. Folks with both skillsets are on the same team, in the spirit of "true DevOps". Members of this team power a massive time series analytics engine and content crawl database that offers an elegant user experience to hundreds of enterprise customers. We do all of this on a team that's "small enough to be nimble, but large enough to be dangerous." Right now, we are ~20 total product/engineering team members, spanning skills like backend Python batch / streaming jobs, frontend JavaScript / D3.js / Vue.js dashboard development / design, product management, and cloud automation with tools like Terraform and Ansible. About half of those engineers are in " Backend", which spans the Python Data Engineer and Infrastructure Engineer roles described above. We are wrapping up our 2021 hiring wave, after's recent acquisition by Automattic[3] -- one of the world's largest fully distributed teams, and one of the biggest champions of open source and open web technologies. We look forward to hearing from you! [1]: [\_data\_engineer]( [2]: [\_engineer]( [3]: <>