DevOps Engineer at Trackingplan

Posted on: 05/13/2022

Location: (REMOTE)

full time

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Tags: github lambda ios serverless python dynamodb android aws jenkins react

Full-remote, between UTC-1 and UTC+5 Trackingplan monitors in real time the customer data flowing between Web and iOS/Android Apps to all third-party integrations. Several of our customers have more than 10M MAU. That's at least 10GB daily per customer with changing daily and weekly traffic trends and peaks (e.g. black Friday). Our real-time data ingestion pipeline has to handle this kind of traffic coming from all the users of each of our customers. Besides this, we develop a Web application with React relying on a Rest API implemented in Python and using DynamoDB for persistency. Plus several other services, such as a periodical notifications system. All our infrastructure is Serverless on AWS with Lambda, Kinesis, DynamoDB, etc. We use GitHub with trunk-based development and integrate with CodePipeline to streamline feature-branch deployments and releases. We are looking for a 3+ years experienced DevOps engineer with experience in both AWS Serverless infrastructure and development process automations in AWS CodeBuild/CodePipeline, Jenkins, etc. that enjoys making fast progress by identifying the quick wins, and is eager to invest in long-term improvements to improve both the quality of what we do and our overall development experience.