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Posted on: 04/22/2022

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**WHO THE HECK ARE WE?** **We’re BeamJobs**—helping job seekers navigate the often frustrating, ambiguous process of finding and landing a new job throughout each step of the search. Here’s where we’re at: * We launched our resume builder in **June 2020** * Since then, we’ve helped over **500,000 job seekers** across the globe improve their resumes * We get over **450,000 visitors** to our blog content each month * We’re a bootstrapped team of **3 full-time employees** (including the 2 co-founders) and **7 contractors** * We work **100% remotely** * We’re just getting started We have a stellar content team who writes gripping, expert content on topics related to job seeking and resume improvement (we rank #1 in Google for search terms like “software engineer resume,” “teacher resume,” “accountant resume,” etc.). The design of our blog posts, however, has been a team effort (this is a nice way of saying we have a **lot of room for improvement**). ***That’s where you come in.*** **WHY WE’RE EXCITED TO WORK WITH YOU** We’re migrating our blog over to WordPress from our current CMS, and we need someone who can own that migration. From the visual design of the blog posts to implementing interactive features to ensuring pages load quickly to anything else you think would be valuable—as long as it’s consistent with our [brand](https://www.notion.so/BeamJobs-Brand-Guidelines-ea3e3d6f865a4a7db97f278465750da4)—**you’ll be in charge of your domain**. **A SAMPLING OF WHAT YOU’LL DO** * As I said above, a lot of our content has room for visual improvement. You’ll take our existing posts (like our “[How to Write a Resume](https://www.beamjobs.com/resume-help/how-to-write-a-resume)” guide) and **make them more visually appealing** in WordPress. * Our only developer right now is one of our co-founders (and my twin brother, hi [Justin!](https://www.linkedin.com/in/justin-greet-32988592)). As such, we haven’t had the resources to **create new landing pages**. + For example, we have an industry-best resume grader built into our product, but we don’t have a landing page dedicated to that search keyword! * **Ensure lightning-fast page load speeds**. Most of our traffic comes from SEO and Google cares about “Core web vitals” (our hope is you have experience with these metrics, though it’s not a strict requirement). * A lot of our content follows a similar template. For example, here’s our [software engineer resume guide](https://www.beamjobs.com/resumes/software-engineer-resume-examples) and our [attorney resume guide](https://www.beamjobs.com/resumes/attorney-resume-examples). We’ll need you to **design new templates** (I think they call them themes in WordPress?) and improve existing ones. * **Build interactive features** to make our content even more valuable for our users. + For example, our [resume template](https://www.beamjobs.com/resume-templates) page performs really well largely because we deliver an interactive feature that matches what users are looking for. * **Own your domain**: Think proactively about both short- and long-term projects, and be excited to contribute, make recommendations, and collaborate with us. **YOUR QUALIFICATIONS/SKILLS** * Experience building and implementing custom themes and plugins in WordPress (using PHP, CSS, and HTML). * Experience designing blog posts in WordPress. If you can link us to at least 1 blog post that looks good that you’ve worked on, you check this box. * Experience with a design tool like Figma. * Meticulous attention to detail. * Written and verbal communication in English. **THE PERKS** * 💰 $60–70K USD salary upon hiring * 🌐 100% remote & flexible schedule * ⚖️ Awesome work-life balance * 🏖️ 3 weeks of vacation a year (plus [US federal holidays](https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/pay-leave/federal-holidays/#url=2022) and a 2-week winter break) * 📈 Equity in the company (.1-.3%) **WANNA JOIN US?** We think you shouldn’t be asked to work for free. Ironically, we also don’t think your resume tells your whole story. As such you’re invited to participate in a **paid short trial to design a short section of our content that you deliver via Figma**, and if that works out, you’ll move to a more complex final trial (also paid) where you’ll design a page and implement your design in WordPress. Interested in joining us and getting started with the trial? Email [lisa@beamjobs.com](mailto:lisa@beamjobs.com) (Lisa is our content manager) with the following: * Please send us your portfolio or some samples of your web design work. * Link us to at least 1 blog post or landing page that looks good that you’ve worked on in WordPress. * Take a look at our [brand guidelines](https://www.notion.so/BeamJobs-Brand-Guidelines-ea3e3d6f865a4a7db97f278465750da4) and let us know in a couple of sentences why you’d be a good fit for this role as it relates to our brand. *Look, we know cover letters are nonsense. All we’re looking for here is that you clicked the link, read some part of it (or this job description), and can incorporate why you’re a good fit in 1 to 2 coherent sentences.* P.S. If you take the time to respond to this request, we guarantee a response to your email. Ghosting is for dating apps, not job applications.