Mid-Senior Engineer (Rails) at Bellroy

Posted on: 04/30/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Level up your skills. Focus on features instead of firefighting. Join Bellroy - a growing, innovative product company with technology at its core. **IN A NUTSHELL** We do Rails a little differently to most other companies. We’ve applied functional programming principles to our Rails applications to make them rock-solid. We’re on the search for a solid mid-to-senior level Engineer, who is proficient in Ruby on Rails, to help us stay the course. In this role, you’ll be working closely with many different teams, as well as your Technology Team colleagues, to innovate in the delivery of e-commerce features and integrations. Bring us your problem solving skills, quick wit and fast fingers. In return we’ll provide you with a culture of intellectual honesty, autonomy to do your work and the tools you need to get shit done. **WHY WORK IN THE BELLROY TECHNOLOGY TEAM?** [Bellroy](https://bellroy.com/) was built on Rails and as the company grew, doing things the “Rails way” wasn’t enough to tame the complexity of our systems. Typing our Ruby code with [Sorbet](https://sorbet.org/)helped a lot, but [Clean Architecture](https://blog.cleancoder.com/uncle-bob/2012/08/13/the-clean-architecture.html) and functional programming principles took our applications to the next level. As we’ve learned, we’ve tried to open source tools that others on similar journeys might find useful, like [dry-monads-sorbet](https://github.com/tricycle/dry-monads-sorbet), [rspec-sorbet](https://github.com/tricycle/rspec-sorbet)**,** [graphwerk](https://github.com/tricycle/graphwerk)**,** [sorbet-struct-comparable](https://github.com/tricycle/sorbet-struct-comparable) and many others. We love to learn and try new things. We are at the leading edge of [Sorbet](https://sorbet.org/) adoption and extensively use the [dry-rb family of gems](https://dry-rb.org/) (especially [dry-monads](https://dry-rb.org/gems/dry-monads)) to bring functional programming principles into Ruby. We value the robustness that functional programming gives us, so we use [Elm](https://elm-lang.org/) as our principal front-end framework and many of our greenfields projects are being written in [Haskell](https://www.haskell.org/). If you want to learn more about functional programming, we’ll teach you. You can expect to learn a lot while you’re here. We will support your development with an allocated learning budget, hack days, and company-wide learning events. The Technology Team also runs a book club that meets weekly . We’ve discussed books like [Don’t Make Me Think](https://sensible.com/dont-make-me-think/) and [The Pragmatic Programmer](https://pragprog.com/titles/tpp20/the-pragmatic-programmer-20th-anniversary-edition/), and worked through courses together as well. **YOU COULD BE THE ONE IF YOU…** * Have at least 1-2 years experience with Ruby on Rails * Consistently deliver high-quality code with strong, well-researched design principles * Prefer mastering your craft over managing people (for now, but you’re welcome to change your mind about that in the future) * Want to work alongside a highly competent technical team, supported by a world class professionals in all fields * Don’t work just to pay the bills, but also because you’re passionate about building great software * Get excited about great ideas, wherever they come from – books, blogs and podcasts, technical and non-technical * Want to work for a company that uses business as a force for good **WHY WORK FOR BELLROY?** Bellroy’s mission is to inspire better ways to carry; use business as a force for good; and help the world – and our crew – flourish. We make great carry products that delight people in their everyday lives, while constantly innovating to improve [the sustainability of our materials](https://bellroy.com/collection/materials-guide). We help our staff love their work and grow as people. We donate a portion of our revenue to some of the world’s most effective charities and are a certified [B Corporation](https://www.bcorporation.com.au/directory/Australia/Victoria/Bellroy). We have carefully built our culture on radical effectiveness. Our credo is "smart people with good intentions who get shit done" (yes, really). We have two awesome physical workspaces in Victoria, Australia - one in the heart of [Melbourne’s Fitzroy](https://www.visitvictoria.com/Regions/Melbourne/Destinations/Fitzroy), and a smaller workspace in [Bells Beach](https://www.visitvictoria.com/regions/great-ocean-road/things-to-do/nature-and-wildlife/beaches-and-coastlines/vv-bells-beach). We try to get our local and remote people all together in the same space once or twice a year. **LOCATION** **Fitzroy or remote, that’s up to you.** We have people that work with and for Bellroy in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. Our remote team are a critical part of our business and are treated as such. We ask our remote people to be available to overlap Melbourne office hours a few hours a day. The majority of our team is based in Australia or Europe so **if you’re based in the America’s, the Oceania/European timing probably won’t work for you unless you’re willing to work odd hours.** If you’re located in or near Melbourne, we’re flexible about how much of your week is spent in our offices. **HOW TO APPLY** If that sounds good and you think you’d be a good fit, send us your resume and a cover letter.