Engineering, Product, Design at Y Combinator Job Expo

Posted on: 06/01/2022

Location: (ON-SITE)

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Y Combinator is hosting our Summer Job Expo online on Wednesday, June 8th, 4 pm PT. This is a way to meet the latest batch of founders from YC startups (W22 & S21) and learn about open roles in engineering, product and design. []( We’ve vetted these startups to make sure they’re in a good position to hire -- in terms of funding, strong teams, and impactful products to work on. Some notable startups: - Epsilon3: Former SpaceX and Google engineers building the OS for spacecraft & operations. - Sieve: AI infrastructure & APIs for developers to process and understand visual data, from former Scale/NVIDA engineers. - Kalshi: First-ever legal futures exchange for trading on anything from Lil Nas X to climate change. - Kable: Former Hulu billing PM/engineer building a usage-based billing platform. - AstroForge: Mining astroids. The expo is an efficient way to meet a number of great startups all at once, and not have to seek them out yourself. We start the event with rapid pitches by founders -- like Demo Day, but for engineers instead of investors -- to help you quickly survey the companies. After the pitches, we open up a virtual expo hall to give you a chance to meet founders and early employees, learn more about the domain and technology, and hear about open roles. Despite the uncertainty in the broader market, we're seeing a lot of early stage startups being well-capitalized, with $2-5M seed rounds. (Some startups in attendance have recently closed a significantly larger round, including Searchlight, Kalshi and Portal.) All startups are hiring selectively to make sure they have a long runway and impactful product roadmap. Almost all of the companies are hiring for US-remote, with a few are back in-person. We've got room for about 40 startups to present. So if you have other industries or types of startups you’re excited about, tell us in the comments and we’ll do our best to find some and invite them to join us. If you're open that Wednesday and want a fun, informative and efficient evening of learning about new tech and open roles, please apply to join us: [](