Senior / Principal Full Stack Software Engineer(s) at Blueshift

Posted on: 09/02/2021

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Tags: erlang rails ruby cassandra elixir redis rust s3 hbase golang aws python elasticsearch postgres

We have a modern tech stack built with microservices architecture on AWS. In terms of programming languages, we use Golang where we need high concurrency, Erlang when we need distributed computing, Ruby on Rails for APIs/dashboard and business logic, Python for our machine learning pipelines. We use multiple databases including Cassandra/ScyllaDB, REDIS, ElasticSearch, Hbase, Druid, S3, Postgres and more, we optimize for “data usage” versus “data storage”. Massive data scale (nearly a petabyte of data). Senior / Principal Full stack engineers (vuejs / angularjs/ Ruby on Rails) Senior application operations engineer Senior backend engineer (elixir / ruby / rust)