SaaS Application Architect at InfraCloud Technologies

Posted on: 06/26/2021

Location: (ON-SITE)

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Tags: eks infosec spring lambda php s3 docker aws kubernetes

**Responsibilities** ● Learn team’s ERP software workflows ● Design the SaaS application architecture for the ERP cloud. ● Knowledge of using EC2, EKS, S3, Lambda, containerization to allow dynamic and agile SaaS cloud-based application development techniques that take a modular approach to build, running, and updating software. ● Working with subject matter experts to understand the process flows which need to be converted to microservices architecture. ● Build new APIs from architected data models ● Review code changes and creates standards for code management. ● Work on conversions from legacy reporting and backend software to Java ● Work and collaborate with other architects, cloud operations team, InfoSec team, Engineering managers, and leaders of the company to propose and implement best practices. ● Coach team members to ensure that they understand the best implementation techniques. ● Introduce best practices of coding & deployment. ● Offer up more efficient means of work within the software and in your position **Requirements** ● In-depth experience in any OOP based programming language, preferably Java.. ● Strong knowledge of design patterns and SOLID principles. (singleton design pattern is not enough for this role) ● Good experience with AWS cloud services and a AWS solutions architect professional certification would be an added advantage. ● Experience with modern JVM, MVC etc frameworks (using spring boot is not enough). ● Deep knowledge of the above and other architecture frameworks/patterns with an ability to create applications based on it from scratch. ● Able to perform and coach the team towards Functional and reactive programming. ● Exposure to web applications ● Strong knowledge and understanding of Docker and Kubernetes. ● Ability to work in an evolving agile development environment ● A drive for work completion and delivering on time **Skills** ● Strong verbal and written communication skills ● Able to manage time effectively ● Constantly striving to better yourself and others around you ● Able to problem solve quickly and accurately ● Strong software design and development knowledge ● Able to properly design and produce structured APIs ● Ability to create, optimize, and evolve applications ● Produce code that is scalable, performant, and production-ready Background Qualifications ● BS/MS Degree in Computer Science or equivalent ● 10-12 years experience developing web applications on any programming language in the cloud infrastructure. ● 5-7 years experience in RDBMS databases. **Nice To Haves** ● Knowledge of non-profit or government finance accounting ● ERP development background in one or more of the following domains: Core Financials (e.g. General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable), Payroll, HR, Utility Billing ● Knowledge of platform constructs such as Authentication, Authorization (Access Controls), and Audit Logging ● Knowledge of PHP would be an added advantage. ● Knowledge of microservice development with Java ● Any architecture level certification. ####