Senior Frontend Engineer at Kaddy

Posted on: 11/02/2021

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Tags: apollo netlify heroku postgres react vue graphql

Kaddy is a B2B marketplace for businesses in the alcoholic beverage and related sectors. The platform lets wholesale buyers discover new independent suppliers (breweries, wineries, distilleries, etc) and products, and connect, communicate, order and pay. Suppliers gain access to new customers, streamlined ordering, CRM tools, and guaranteed payment. We are experiencing rapid growth and are working with some of the most sought after beverages brands, hospitality operators, and liquor retailers in Australia. We're looking for someone to lead our small but growing frontend team. Our ideal candidate is someone who loves building out features, with an eye to gradually factoring out a design system so that future engineers can build with ease. You are customer focused, with strong UI fundamentals. You are engineering focused but want to lead a team in the future. You have strong opinions on what good code architecture is and the importance of good state management. If this sounds like you (or pretty close), then please reach out. Our tech stack is a React/Next (with some legacy Vue.js) frontend that’s mediated by GraphQL (Apollo) to a Go API backed by Postgres—all hosted on Heroku/Netlify. <>