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Posted on: 06/09/2022

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At [Portal](, we're building Shopify for Service Businesses. We want to make it easy for entrepreneurs anywhere to start and scale service businesses: marketing agencies, bookkeeping firms, recruiting agencies, and thousands of others. While it is straightforward to set up a Shopify store and sell a *physical product* on the Internet, entrepreneurs that want to sell and deliver a *service* on the Internet have to stitch together SaaS apps, and even then are unable to offer clients a streamlined experience under their own brand. We want to change this by giving service businesses the building blocks (messaging, payments, etc.) to design their own product and offer their clients a modern streamlined experience. In February 2022, we raised a $10M seed round led by Ali Rowghani at [YC Continuity]( and [Lachy Groom]( Other investors include [Y Combinator](, [Liquid 2](, [Tribe](, [Addition](, [Slope](, YC partner and Scribd founder [Jared Friedman](, former SVP Product at Lyft [Ran Makavy](, and Pipe founders [Zain Allarakhia]( and [Josh Mangel]( About the role -------------- As a BDR, you will be the tip of the spear for growth at Portal. You will generate qualified pipeline so that sales can help our customers deploy successfully with Portal. You will identify key accounts to target, engage with them in a tailored way, and uncover their business and technical challenges so that you can effectively position how Portal can solve for them. We move quickly, so you’ll need to be ambitious, eager to learn, and remain calm under pressure. Who you are ----------- * **You have good values.** You have high integrity. You understand why diversity matters and make others feel like they belong. You're low ego and make the workplace more fun for everyone. * **You're experienced.** You have 2+ years of sales or customer success experience. * **You're resourceful.** You are a fast learner and have a “get things done” mentality. If you don't understand something you quickly determine what to do to push forward. * **You're quality-focused.** You understand the relationship between sales & a company's brand. In your outreach, you always prioritize quality and personalization over spam-like sales techniques. * **You're organized.** You're familiar with modern sales tools and keep pipelines organized. You understand the value of playbooks and constantly try to improve processes. What you'll do -------------- * **You'll drive awareness for Portal.** You'll identify and prospect accounts (from solo accounting to large law firms and everything in between). * **You'll become a Portal expert.** You'll develop a keen understanding of the Portal product and value proposition. * **You'll prospect.** You'll send personalized and creative outbound campaigns to prospects and book qualified meetings for your Sales Manager. * **You'll experiment.** You'll take an iterative process to build, test, and measure different outbound strategies. * **You'll conduct discovery.** You'll learn and understand prospects’ business challenges, and articulate how Portal provides value to different customers based on their role, industry, and technical aptitude. * **You'll organize.** You'll be diligent around []( hygiene so you, and other others, can use that data to analyze and report on pipeline health. * **You'll learn about startups**. Aside from your core work, you'll have the opportunity to get involved in other areas - marketing, fundraising, etc.