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Posted on: 09/01/2021

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E2E encryption in 2021 is mostly limited to simple chat apps. Since there’s no way to implement a robust server layer with plaintext access, things like search, backup, and ranking are way harder to get right. Our solution is to replace the cloud with a network of personal, private servers (we call them “keyservers”). We’re starting out by building an E2E-encrypted, self-hosted Discord alternative. The goal is to grow out an install base of keyservers before we flip this thing into a platform. I starting working on Comm earlier this year. I’m a programmer by trade and previously worked at FB for 5 years. We currently have two folks out in NYC (including myself) and are working with a team out in Poland. We raised a small pre-seed round in February, and are looking to prove out our ideas and hire the founding team before we raise our seed round. Job descriptions available here: [](