Head of Footwear Design at Confidential

Posted on: 03/12/2021

Location: New Delhi, (ON-SITE)

Glassdoor: 3.0 / 5 | Original Source

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### Job description Someone to Head design for a Indian sports footwear Manufacturer ,who is *Create innovative and affordable footwear design concepts. *Work with Design Management, Development and Marketing personnel to collaborate on *Design projects to maximize effectiveness and build product to target cost. *Understanding of fashion trends and directions through travel, shop the markets, Tradeshows and researching the competition. *Create accurate cads quickly and efficiently. *Build and present seasonal product strategies and trend boards. *Constant interaction with Merchandisers on all aspects of product line plans, briefs, color palette, pricing, themes, graphics, and strategies. *Work with developers in US and Asia on line schedules and adhere to the product calendar, ensuring development projects are on track. *Working with developers / materials team to coordinate and develop new materials, constructions, processes and procedures. * Responsible for getting prototypes and samples executed to reflect the concept and design you created. * Knowledge and understanding of competitors top sellers, technologies, styling, colors, strategies and pricing. *Innovation through fashion forward new designs and technologies * Periodic travel to India to follow-up on development projects *Some who has worked with sports footwear brands. * candidate with great aesthetics * someone to design young but cost effective footwear * great understanding of the needs of the millennial's Please call Ria at +91 9872347113 / ria.mehra@unisoninternational.net jASMEET at +91 7456052780 jasmeet.kaur@unisoninternational.net Preeti at +91 9713025586 preeti.singh@unisoninternational.net Sonia at +91 9999001893 sonia.malhotra@unisoninternational.net Swati at + 91 9910463057 swati.pandey@unisoninternational.net This job is based in India and will be compensated as per International Standards