DeFi Analyst at Santiment

Posted on: 11/26/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: parity python kubernetes docker net kafka blockchain ethereum

**Summary** We are looking for a middle-senior Data Analyst to join our team and help build the most comprehensive onchain data analyst crypto tool. We are building our own Chart's engine ([](, knowledge base ([]( You will find many competitive tasks and fun. **Key Qualifications** * At least basic knowledge about Ethereum blockchain (receipts, block events, etc) * Any DeFi related experience is an advantage * Experience with Python * Being able to communicate in English * Being able to work independently in a remote team with little supervision * Great if you have []( account and dashboards **Technologies** *(you don't need to have experience with everything on the list)* * ClickHouse, Kafka * Parity, Ethereum * Docker, Kubernetes, Airflow **Responsibilities & Duties** *(****It's OK to work on a single area only)*** Area 1: **DeFi protocol analysis** 1. (**Analytical)** DeFi protocols researching - you have to understand how DeFi protocols work both on economical/mathematical and technical levels. 2. (**Analytical)** Keep eye on DeFi market - you have to monitor upcoming protocol upgrades, be able to bring product ideas 3. (**Technical)** Developing and maintaining analytical pipelines - extract events from Ethereum transactions and build analytics on top of it. Area 2: **Ethereum addresses labeling** 1. (**Analytical**) We're seeking for a creative person who is able to match blockchain addresses with real-world entities (e.g. exchange, exchange trader, financial whale, etc) 2. (**Technical**) Develop and implement algorithms that assign particular labels to addresses in ETH network **What we offer** * Full Remote, flexible working day You can work from anywhere you want. Most of the team is based in Europe. * Competitive compensation 💰**3k-5k$** and SAN token rewards. * Main platform to work on is []( * Tropical 🌴 Team Retreats * 🚀 Team **How to apply** Send us a short intro along with a link to your CV to