Engineering at Splash Financial

Posted on: 01/07/2022

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Tags: clojurescript clojure postgres aws

Splash Financial [0] is building a marketplace for consumer debt products; think student loans, mortgages and auto loans. This enables consumers to access credit at preferable terms, compare offerings across the industry and save time by streamlining the application process. Splash is hiring software engineers with experience in Clojure or other functional programming languages. We have are hiring on all product teams as well as for developer infrastructure. Reasons you may want to work at Splash: - unique opportunity to connect consumers to thousands of small lending institutions across the US that lack the technology to do it themselves - tech stack is Clojure+Postgres on AWS, starting to invest in ClojureScript and Datomic as well - developer experience & productivity is a first-class concern - good health insurance; flexible time off that people actually end up taking - permanently remote in US-Eastern timezone (offices available in Cleveland, OH to those who want it) - low delusions of grandeur (quote, Director of Engineering: “we’re not curing cancer over here”) - low process, very easy to go from idea to experiment to production - interview process very light on Leetcode-style questions, heavy on behavioral interviews, so you can showcase your strengths - lovely co-workers from non-traditional backgrounds If this piques your interest, feel free to apply at [1] or to reach out to tjaeger at splashfinancial dot com [0] <> [1] [](