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Posted on: 04/06/2021

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Streamlabs is searching data science, marketing, and many other roles <> - What we do today: make tools for live streamers who broadcast on Twitch/YouTube/Mixer (core business today) + expanding to new content verticals (ex. <>) - Mission: empower creators to do more - Results: used by 70% of Twitch streamers; paid out $750M to creators since inception. Launched many things - some worked and many didn't, but we learned a lot and we are still building. - Details on roles, culture, stack and more []( - Process: take home problem -> chat with hiring manager -> google hangouts with team -> offer (we will move quickly and will do our best to not waste your time). There is a take-home problem for all roles - Visa: will sponsor for Canada if there is a right mutual fit - Remote: yes, but we will also have physical offices in 4 locations (optional to go)