Open Source Engineer at Aqua Security

Posted on: 11/09/2021

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Tags: serverless github kubernetes containers

We are expanding the team and looking for an engineer experienced in open source development and the cloud-native ecosystem. Aqua Security provides the next generation of Cloud Native security solutions, and open source has been a core part of our DNA and strategy. Our world-class open source engineering group has produced some of the industry’s most successful open source security solutions like Trivy (security scanner), Kube-bench (Kubernetes compliance), Kube-hunter (Kubernetes pen-testing), Starboard (Kubernetes-native security toolkit). **Requirements:** * Go programming language * Linux fundamentals, and “system engineering” orientation * The cloud-native landscape of projects and technologies * Kubernetes development (i.e developing controllers, CRDs, using client-go, understanding Kubernetes’ architecture) * Extra points for Demonstrated participation in industry working groups (e.g CNCF/Kubernetes/OpenSSF SIGs), or some background in information security **About the team:** * Globally distributed, and remote-first (work from home, flexible schedule) * Work exclusively on open source projects, public on GitHub, using your personal GitHub credentials * Contribute to other community projects related to cloud-native security * High autonomy, low ceremony. You are in charge of a project including its product and roadmap decisions * Impactful and influencing both within the company and across the industry * Share your work with the world by public speaking at meetups and conferences, YouTube videos, and blog posts Now is the perfect time to join Aqua! We are a late-stage start-up widely known for being the largest pure-play cloud-native security vendor, focusing exclusively on cloud-native technologies such as containers, serverless, VMs, and Kubernetes. We recently secured $135M in series E funding pushing us over $1B in company valuation.