Mid level Full Stack Ruby Developer for Growing (Remote) Start Up at Bluethumb

Posted on: 07/13/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: rspec ruby qa rails ux elasticsearch postgres vue aws docker

[**Bluethumb**](https://bluet.hm/3qMCYhp) is one of Australia's most exciting creative technology companies and Australia's largest online art marketplace (over 17,000 artists and growing) and has been growing strongly now for over 9 years. We are looking for a full-stack Ruby and Rails developer to join our multinational team of five in-house RoR and QA engineers in Singapore, Bali, Japan, Saint Petersburg, New Zealand & Australia to continually build new features and improve existing UX. Some of the tasks and projects on our roadmap for upcoming months: * New and improved artist reporting dashboards * Improved customer journey optimisation * On-site (elasticsearch-based) search engine improvements * AR integration for "view on the wall" experience * Front-end performance optimisations * New markets expansion **You might like working with us because:** * We've been a remote-first technology oriented company long before the pandemic, some of our engineers have been working remotely at least for a decade. We know how to build and maintain an effective and friendly remote work environment. * Even though we are not fully-asynchronous yet (thus the minimal 5 hours overlap with an Australian time-zone requirement) โ€“ we're heading towards this goal. We have only two group meetings per week, most of our communications are Slack-based. * We're baking our releases in three-week sprints and as long as you're fulfilling your duties during the sprint โ€“ there are no sleepless nights and deliveries on Fridays. * The work you do helps Australian artists build their careers. Many have made their career break on Bluethumb and rely on it for a living. The tech we build is socially impactful! * We're no longer an early-stage startup, there's more security, but we're still growing very fast and there is plenty of low hanging fruits (sometimes small changes have a big impact which makes this work really rewarding). * You'll work in a small team of awesome engineers focussed on shipping great product, in a complex environment. **Requirements** ๐ŸŒ Location This can be a remote role, but you MUST be located in a similar timezone to Australia (AEST) with at least 5 hours overlap [(please check for comparison)](https://www.remotenearby.com/overlaps/my%E2%9D%86melbourne). We have offices in Adelaide & Melbourne, so bonus points if you are in either of these two cities. ๐ŸŽธ Experience 2 years of traceable production Ruby on Rails experience **(boot camps are not considered as such)**. To succeed in this role, along with Ruby and Rails, you will be confident and experienced in front-end development and ideally also have knowledge in DevOps, QA, or Data Science. โš’๏ธ Tech stack All our developers are full-stack and get really varied new experience; with a mix of front-end (solid level Vanilla and Vue.js), back-end (Ruby, Rails, Hanami), and DevOps (Docker Swarm/AWS), doing short sprints and bigger projects. Our ideal candidate: โ€“ Ruby on Rails savvy โ€“ Confident using Slim templates engine, CSS/SCSS/Tailwind, Vanilla JS/UJS/Vue.js โ€“ Has production experience with Elasticsearch and Postgres โ€“ Can demonstrate an advanced level of rspec usage โ€“ Familiar with giving and taking code reviews โ€“ Comfortable with occasional pair programming โ€“ Ready to adjust to development guidelines โœ๏ธ Application and process Please send an application tailored to this position that speaks to us. Introduce yourself as a colleague. Show us you are genuinely interested in a future with Bluethumb. First impressions matter, so please do take your time with the application. We are keen to learn more about your past/current projects. Take us through your experience in a friendly way, as you would to a colleague. Generic templates and dry cover letters are hard work and seldom impressive - thereโ€™s no prize for being the first to submit! Weโ€™d like to see examples of software youโ€™ve written. The actual code. We appreciate that it can be hard to share representative samples when youโ€™ve been working on commercial software, so anything you can scrape together will be good. If you have open source contributions, those are great candidates, but you donโ€™t have to be an open-source contributor to apply. For candidates interested enough to follow the guidelines above we would like to offer a routine code refactoring exercise that should highlight their current level of experience. If it goes well and that level meets our expectations โ€“ we invite them to a pair programming session where we resolve one of the tasks from our current pipeline together. And that's it (yes, it is that easy)! **No recruiter applications or agencies please!** ๐Ÿฑโ€๐Ÿ**Benefits of working at Bluethumb** * Building awesome tech - front end, backend. * With a team of 4 awesome devs already you'll make a big impact, and see the results of your work. * Work in a fun, friendly team with heaps of experience. * Regular team trivia and v-hangouts. * Competitive salary * Flexible working hours * Balanced workload * No bureaucracy * Unlimited room for growth