Engineer, Designer, Data Science, Sales, Marketing, Support at Notion

Posted on: 09/01/2021

Location: SF, NYC, Dublin, Tokyo (ON-SITE)

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== Intro ==================================== Hi Notion founder here. At Notion, our goal to create the general purpose work + computing tool for a post-file, post-MS Office world. My cofounder and I often joke that this was like the "hot startup topic" of the 90s. Unfortunately, tools for knowledge workers haven't advanced much since then. The state of art is either Google Docs/Quip/Dropbox Paper (multiplayer WordPerfect), or rigid SAAS apps (forms + a table+ some buttons). This is our product: <> We are hiring across every function: engineering, design, data, sales, marketing, support... More details here: <> We made a graphic novel about why we exist: <> == Apply ======================================= Please see details here ->> <> Thank you for reading!