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Posted on: 10/07/2021

Location: Berlin, Germany (ON-SITE)

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**ABOUT ELEXIR** Make the first digital car with ​us! We are developing the next-gen software base for cars that interconnects everything; seats, steering, windows, HVA​​​​C - all programmable like an app. Customers can subscribe to features, personalise their car and get access to all the data. Mobility as we know it has reached a peak: there\'s only little innovation and the concept of car ownership is not sustainable. We believe innovation in mobility will be purely digital & connected. For that, we must change mobility the same way the smartphone revolutionised the phone ecosystem. **ELEXIR is a secure and connected software platform that allows all functions in a vehicle to be developed and deployed as if they were smartphone apps.** We are a deep-tech company with a big mission: build technology that enables a highly modular software-first car: A car with ELEXIR technology runs apps, similar to a smartphone, that can access all sensors of the car and control all functions. This interconnectedness and ease of use gives rise to a completely new simplicity in design, faster time to market and enables users to store all their features and settings in a cloud profile that works with every car. **ABOUT YOU** In essence, we are developing a new Operating System. This is a huge challenge and endeavour that will take many years of development: every single line of code or decision we make now will affect our product for years to come. Because of that, the first and most important quality we search for is that you are a passionate and skilled developer. You should love coding as much as we do and care about producing simple, performant code and ensure its correctness. We need people who are independent and have a drive to meaningfully impact our continually improving product. Things happen fast in a start-up, and we value experience over formal qualifications. However, our ideal candidate possesses the following skillset: * Knowledgeable in system software: for example, you should know what a driver is or inter-process-communication* and threads. * 2+ years software development experience: Preferably in Rust, however also experience in C/C++ counts if you have a deep understanding of an RTOS in embedded systems. * Deep understanding of security principles (authenticity, digital certificates, trusted channels) * Able to work in a team: You are capable of choosing and discussing with others alternative solutions to problems. * Fluent in English - English is our internal communication language **WHAT WILL YOU WORK ON** Our core product is a RUST Real-Time Operating System and a distributed Runtime that takes care of all messages being passed between those devices and the different threads (apps) they run. These apps are often safety-critical applications since they run on car ECUs. Specifically, these are some concrete next steps: * Working with the core team on the development of the RTOS. This is done mainly in Rust (with some C/C++ here and there). The level of implementation varies a lot: from low-level driver interfaces to high-level safe APIs for application development. * Developing supporting tools (e.g., test scripts). These are generally in Python. * Unit tests, integration tests, regression tests and virtual hardware tests to reduce the likelihood of bugs * Participate in the overall system design. This means you can shape the way forward of that product by taking part in decisions about a specific technology or process. **WHAT WE OFFER** * Be part of a fast-growing start-up at an early stage, where you can have a real impact in designing and shaping the product together with a highly motivated and talented international team. * Open culture: Failure-open culture, let’s fail early and learn from it. Transparency, open-mindedness and open-feedback environment * **Your productivity matters:** we have flexible working hours and we are open to home office * **Location**: we are located in a very nice co-working space in Saarbrücken, and from November in Berlin too (in the Drivery). Both spaces offer many amenities. We also have free coffee, tea and occasionally beer :) * **Contract time:** We start with a 2-year contract, which can ,of course, be extended.