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Posted on: 05/02/2022

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Vidrovr (<>) unlocks insights trapped in unstructured multimedia data, such as audio, image and video, generated by businesses and governments. Vidrovr uses AI to automate manual tasks that people perform to utilize these data assets. This leads to x5 efficiency gains in performing their work. Vidrovr spun out of Columbia University's AI lab and has been invested in by premiere investors including Samsung Next and Verizon. Vidrovr’s processing engine can streamline business operations that utilize unstructured data, through the use of various AI models and tools to extract and model insights locked in your data. Vidrovr currently services clients in a number of industries - including media companies like the AP and financial institutions. Additionally, Vidrovr provides services to various USG organizations. More details on our careers page: <> We are looking for: - Full Stack Engineer - ML Pipeline Engineer / Data Engineering