Back-End Developper Senior Typescript / JS at Boldy

Posted on: 06/04/2022

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Tags: nestjs nodejs postgresql typescript react

**1. Company's and project description** Boldy wants to revolutionize the world of B2B exchanges. We're targeting product brands. (watches, fashion, cosmetics...) Without Boldy : - Brands enter orders manually by phone, email and waste a lot of time. With Boldy - Brands can deploy a B2B store in just a few clicks linked to their management tool, cutting order entry time in half. - Field salespeople can enter orders directly from their tablet. > Example of Keys Features : ** **Tiered price-breaks** : Display price-breaks clearly to your customers, letting them gain savings based on the quantity of products they purchase.** **Customer-specific pricing & pack sizes** : With built-in support for price lists, customers see their special pricing, pack size rules, and minimum order quantities. **2. Project's current stage and expected terms**We are currently working on 3 major technical topics on 2022 : 1- The scalability of the product, the possibility of integrating our customers in plug and play with faster integration time 2- The analytical part which will allow us to use our customers' data to make predictive sales for our sales teams 3 - The internationalization of the solution, which is currently essentially in French, to attack the United States. **3. Today's team size and composition** We are 10 people at Boldy mainly on sales and marketing skills. We are now starting We have 1 Senior JS Back-end developer, a Senior CTO on D-Day. **4. What type of tasks the candidate is considered to be working with?** The candidate will work on **80% back-end** and 20% front-end tasks. Key topics: - Development of new features - Improvement of the B2B discount engine - Optimization of the infrastructure: super-admin, monotiring - And finally ensure the implementation of new API services ☀ Stack : Nodejs, React, typescript, nestjs, PostgreSQL, Prisma 🚨 We need 2 years minimum experience Nestjs **5. What soft skills should your ideal candidate have?**We are looking for someone who is adaptable and comfortable with the startup world. We want to build an international tech team with outstanding skills. We are looking for someone who likes to challenge themselves and is looking to combine efficiency and excellence. 6. **Daily routine moments :** We work in scrum mode on sprints of about 15 days. (Monday to Friday - GMT +1) We have a 1 hour tech meeting on Monday, your referent will be the CTO, for the code review ourBack-end expert. We are more result-oriented than method-oriented. For experienced profiles, if you prefer to work in the evening rather than in the morning, as long as the work is ok, that's fine.