Information Architect (India) at ChaosNative

Posted on: 05/14/2021

Location: India (REMOTE)

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**Job Responsibilities** ------------------------ Architect information flow for LitmusChaos and ChaosNative and work with information developers to achieve high-class user facing artifacts. * As the Chaos Information Architect, you will be responsible for the building and maintaining documentation for the LitmusChaos CNCF project as well as enterprise solutions from ChaosNative. * This involves the definition and continuous improvement of information flow: in the form of high-quality user guides, tutorials, solution docs, and developer resources that are easily accessible and up-to-date. * You will also oversee the creation, maintenance, and distribution of media content in the form of short tutorial videos, GIFs & high-quality scientific diagrams that aid the chaos engineers, developer advocates, and users. * In this role, you will be working with and leading information developers/technical writers while maintaining healthy communication with the maintainers & community members of the LitmusChaos project. **Preferred Education** * University degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent (anyone with the above skills). **Preferred Experience Level** * 5+ years of industry experience **Requirements:** * First & foremost, the ability to think from the perspective of/empathize with users. * Experience as a technical writer or lead information/docs developer for a technology product. * Attention to detail & excellent written as well as review skills are required. * Preferable experience in developing/testing or supporting an open-source project. * Knowledge of one or more popular documentation frameworks (such as docusaurus, readthedocs, gitbooks, mkdocs, etc,.), source code management systems like Git, along with a grip on the best practices associated with release and maintenance of documentation. * Publicly available documentation references are appreciated, not mandatory. **Additional Information:** --------------------------- * Market matching salary and benefits **About ChaosNative** --------------------- Team ChaosNative originally created the open source project LitmusChaos to drive the innovations around Cloud Native Chaos Engineering. Litmus is now a CNCF project with a large community of users and contributors. With a significant enterprise adoption of Litmus, ChaosNative provides commercial support to it’s worldwide customer base. ChaosNative develops solutions and other services in the area of chaos engineering and cloud native reliability.