Senior Frontend Developer at

Posted on: 05/03/2021

Location: SF, Remote (ON-SITE)

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Tags: react

Sourcetable is a networked spreadsheet that makes it easy to create models from live database data, without code. We are looking for a senior frontend developer to join our team working on the React.js codebase. You would be person number 5, working alongside experienced developers and founders who have built, scaled and sold companies. We're a fully remote company that works on Pacific Time. You should be based in the Americas. (Australia, China, Europe are all "too remote" for our stage as we need timezone overlap.) First and foremost, you should be a strong developer. The ideal candidate has experience working at an early stage startup. Compensation: cash, excellent healthcare, meaningful equity and plenty of interesting problems to solve. <> (Separately, we have a discrete visualization dashboard feature to be worked in either D3 or Vega. We are open to contractors for this position.)