Senior elixir, ruby-to-elixir engineer, design systems engineer at

Posted on: 09/01/2021

Location: REMOTE or Mexico City (ON-SITE)

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Tags: ruby elixir phoenix

At Súper we help millions of Latin Americans get insurance for the first time, so that they have some resiliency in their life when things go sideways. We have an amazing engineering team with two very heavy hitters on including @malafortune and @bruce We are looking for three very specific skillsets to compliment our team: 1. A fast-shipping elixir or ruby -> elixir engineer. You have deep MVC experience in one of these two languages, and probably some early stage startup experience. You like shipping e2e features FAST. 2. Senior elixir engineer. You are very experienced with Phoenix and have used it to build large projects in production. You are opinionated about contexts. 3. Design systems engineer. Make our site consistent, beautiful and accessible, with an emphasis on improving the developer experience for the rest of the team. You're a CSS wizard.