Electrical Engineering Intern at Posh

Posted on: 05/28/2022

Location: (ON-SITE)

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> ***“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. —— Arthur C. Clarke*** > > What we're looking for ====================== Posh is looking for a ninja intern to help our founding engineering team with solving the day-to-day engineering challenges. Someone with a broad interest in robotics, electronics, and software will be a particularly good fit for this position. You will be working directly with our co-founders. Responsibilities ================ * Help with the testing of batteries, battery management system, and PCB boards * Design and assemble test rig to automate battery module testing * Write test procedures and maintain documentation on test results Qualifications ============== * Background in Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, or Chemical Engineering * Prior experience with building PCB prototypes * Experience with general electronics Benefits ======== * Unlimited PTO * Free lunch and snacks