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Posted on: 06/17/2022

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We are []( - a fast growing, well-funded, company in the devops and Kubernetes world. We tell companies what is wrong with their cloud and how to fix it. Our product has a big open source part, and as such, we’re very involved in the open source world. The community loves us and we are used in Kubernetes clusters all over the world. We’re looking for a driven and enthusiastic person to help grow the open source community faster. Being a people person is a must, as is taking the lead and getting things done. This role comes with a lot of responsibility and will have a huge impact on the company. This role is unique because it merges two different worlds: 2. The world of education and marketing 4. The world of devops, programming, and engineering You will create technical videos, give public talks, write blog posts, and interact with our open source community. Most of your work will be outgoing, but you will also implement product features and write code. You must have great verbal and written skills in English. About you: * 2+ years of development or devops experience * Excited about technology * Loves explaining complex concepts in simple terms Advantages: * Video content creation * Kubernetes knowledge * Open source involvement * Blogging experience What you’ll get: * High impact position in a fast growing startup * Become the face of a popular open source project * Participate in the Kubernetes community * Learn how to build a successful open source * Be part of a strong technical team * Work with passionate and friendly people To apply, please send your CV to