Sr. Backend & Database Developer/Engineer at Flare

Posted on: 05/05/2022

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: sql node javascript typescript graphql

Flare is a real-time platform that brings together the fragmented ecosystem of emergency responders in emerging markets. We use real-time and managed data to coordinate emergency response to save lives. Described as the the 911 of the future, by Fast company, Flare uses modern technologies to save lives and make peace-of-mind accessible to billions of people living without access to emergency support. Learn more: Fast Company Article: <> A database-centric backend is at the core of the success and functionality of our platform - and we're looking to grow the backend team with additional senior/experienced developers, fluent in database best practices, real-time big data management, system scalability, and, of course, writing quality production-ready code. **Requirements** * 6+ years of relevant industry experience * Experience designing, building, scaling and maintaining core backend software components and services * Strong data architecture expertise with the ability to implement secure and performant relational databases (deep knowledge of PosgreSQL is particularly desirable) * Excellent SQL and analytical skills * Experience with GraphQL, Node.js (JavaScript/Typescript) and Amazon Web Services * Ability to solve complex design, scaling, latency, and performance problems in high-throughput, low-latency systems * Experience with production distributed systems, web applications and integrations with third-party APIs * Proven track record building highly available and highly scalable systems * Self-starter attitude and the ability to execute new ideas with autonomy * Amazing communication and collaboration skills, team-oriented work style **Benefits** Lean and agile team of highly-skilled and experienced global tech talent Mission-driven team & work; chance to work on live and action-packed lifesaving platform Full-time position with great team & benefits Fun and flexible work environment Can be fully remote or partly remote