Node.js + Infrastructure Engineers at Ghost

Posted on: 07/01/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: ember express saltstack node mysql

Ghost is a full stack web application that's used by millions of creators, startups and businesses to run their independent publications. It's also one of the most popular modern open source projects in the world. Ghost has been a fully distributed remote team since 2012, with team members located all over the world. We do remote work properly, providing freedom and flexibility that enables people to do their best work. We believe deeply in building something lasting, sustainable and positive, and we enjoy having interesting and challenging problems to work on. Hiring process: no bs whiteboarding interviews. We'll have a couple of casual chats to assess mutual value-fit and tech background/experience, followed by a paid trial project to see how we work together. * Product Engineer (Node.js/Express/Bookshelf/Ember) * Infrastructure Engineer (Saltstack/Varnish/OpenResty/MySQL/Gluster/Node.js) Apply at <>