Senior Full-Stack Engineers / Rust Developers/ DevOps Engineer/ Senior Unity Developer / Content Creator-Science Writer / Technical Sales Engineer at

Posted on: 10/06/2021

Location: Montreal / Colombia (REMOTE)

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Tags: haproxy django gcp azure rust nginx python postgresql unix kubernetes docker aws mysql bash react

We're looking to hire senior DevOps, Rust developers, Unity developers, Full-stack engineers with strong Python and/or JS experience, a Content Creator, and a Technical Sales Engineer, who are driven and want to play a lead role in growing an exciting company. We have dedicated time for self-improvement, blogging, talks, and contribution to FOSS. Our goal is to be a workplace with a strong focus on learning, where client projects provide a base of capital for us to all work on dream projects of our own. We have an inclusive, transparent culture with a public company principles handbook. We’re looking for: - Senior Full-Stack and Front-End developer strong at Python and/or JS, experience in client relations, project management, design, Django, React. Experience with mobile is a plus. - Rust developer with client management and product management experience. Experience with React JS and Cryptocurrency environment is a plus. - Senior Unity Developer with experience in game programming or multimedia project and knowledge of C#. - DevOps Engineer with confidence in problem solving and debugging problems across multiple complex systems, and experience with: Sysadmin on unix-based systems, deploying and managing apps w/ kubernetes & docker-compose, managing cloud environments, e.g. AWS/GCP/Azure/etc., managing traditional Ubuntu VMs with supervisord/bash/fish, developing and debugging data pipelines at scale, configuring and operating PostgreSQL, MySQL, and/or MariaDB, configuring and operating nginx, haproxy, & other web servers, developing and testing backup solutions using NFS/SSHFS/etc. - Content Creator / Science Writer with strong background in writing/storytelling and copy editing. - Technical Sales Engineer with strong entrepreneurial drive, and strong business development/sales experience. Experience/education in Software engineering.