Backend Developer at Remotesome

Posted on: 02/03/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

full time

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Tags: node typescript react docker kubernetes

Disclaimer: Remotesome is a hiring partner for this position. Remotesome handles the hiring process and you will be working directly for the company. **Timezone preferance:** CET Timezone +/- 3hrs **More about the role:** We have a client which is working in an esports industry and is looking for someone who will be working on building and maintaining features on the platform. As a part of the dev team, you will be working on the backend side of the application. There are hundreds of games played daily and you will make sure users are able to interact with the platform in different ways. It is an exciting opportunity for engineers who want to be part of enabling future gamers to go pro and compete on a professional level. **Requirements:** * 2+ years experience working with Node.js * 3+ years experience working on the backend side of the products * Experience working with Typescript * React.js experience is a bonus * Docker experience is a bonus * Working experience with Kubernetes is a bonus * Great communications skills * Proactive problem solver Not sure if this is a role is for you? We have 3 similar remote job positions with salaries ranging from $50k-$120k. Sign up at [Remotesome]( to get yourself exposed to job positions like this. As soon as the job with your salary expectations and stack is suited for you, we let you know. Salary ====== $40,000 — $80,000 Location ======== 🌏 Worldwide