Systems Engineer at SpotHero

Posted on: 10/03/2021

Location: (ON-SITE)

Glassdoor: 4.0 / 5 | Original Source

Tags: kubernetes aws

SpotHero | Toronto, CA | Kubernetes, AWS | Full-time | Senior Systems Engineer I lead our Developer Tools team (basically ops with a focus on supporting Engineering as a whole). We run basically everything in Kubernetes on AWS. We're a team of 3 now, growing towards 6 over the next few years. Some of our major upcoming projects are: * Multi-region deployments + DR prep (can we run our search endpoints active-active?) * Scaling engineering onboarding, support and consulting (we're treated as experts in systems and help devs understand the layers below their apps). * Extracting services from our monolith and building automation to keep them organized and up-to-date. SpotHero (<>) is a rapidly growing with the mission of bringing the parking industry into the future through technology. Drivers across the nation use the SpotHero mobile app or website to reserve convenient, affordable parking on-the-go or in advance, and parking companies rely on us to help them reach new customers while optimizing their business. We connect the dots with cutting-edge technology, delivering value to both sides of this exciting, evolving marketplace. We're hiring for a whole mess of engineering roles, here <> Apply here for Sr. Systems Engineer: <> Apply here for Sr. Software Engineer: <> Feel free to e-mail me at will(dot)newby(at)spothero(dot)com if you're interested in learning more. Thanks! From: <>