Electrical Engineer at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Posted on: 09/01/2021

Location: Wood Hole, MA (ON-SITE)

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Looking for a job that has an impact on how we understand the ocean and climate change? At WHOI we get to build really interesting technologies to better understand the ocean. You might be debugging an AUV on the arctic ice, or on the back of a ship operating a winch pulling up an ROV, or designing a circuit to record audio. There is so much going on at WHOI and engineers often work on multiple projects. I recently received funding to design an open source underwater AUV. This job opening is for a project I worked on - creating a 3D soundscape by mounting 28 hydrophones onto five 30' arms and building an underwater recording studio to record it while compressing the stream to telemeter home after hopping to our larger buoys. Oceanography is still a young industry, there is a lot of 'firsts' you can still be a part of. This been the most fulfilling job I have ever had.. and I did my own startup for 12 years and made video games. I also enjoy living on Cape cod! Let me know if you have any questions.. jreine whoi edu Full job description: [https://careers-whoi.icims.com/jobs/1508/electrical-engineer...](https://careers-whoi.icims.com/jobs/1508/electrical-engineer/job)