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Posted on: 04/20/2022

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We are looking for someone who can grow Hyperweb (<>), one of the first ever iOS Safari extensions that Apple called a "must have". The app has excellent retention and organic growth metrics on the App Store, and we're looking for someone who can multiply the growth by explicitly marketing it. Responsibilities * You'll be responsible for acquiring new users for Hyperweb that retain. You're free to choose methods and will be the first hire dedicated to marketing and growth. * Experiment with the landing page * Experiment with growth using social media * Identify high leverage opportunities and work directly with the founders to invest engineering effort where required. Requirements * There's no hard requirements but anything you can do to demonstrate that you're a good candidate for growing consumer mobile apps is good. In particular a focus on power-user oriented apps. Starts on a contract basis, but happy to move to full time after a month of working together if it's going well for both parties.