VP of Engineering // EqualTo at EqualTo

Posted on: 05/18/2021

Location: Berlin, Germany (ON-SITE)

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**About EqualTo** EqualTo is an early stage b2b software company based in Germany. We build transparent sales commission software. Our team consists of experienced SaaS entrepreneurs, engineers and UX designers, with big ambitions. We have done a complete rethink of how one should manage sales commissions resulting in a uniquely positioned product: the first truly transparent, self-service commission platform, combining the flexibility of spreadsheets with the scalability of SaaS. We currently all work remote, with a remote-first future and small office in Berlin. **Our mission** Incentive compensation should do one thing: motivate people. But in countless companies, it’s a source of frustration, disputes and tedious admin. We are on a mission to make sales commissions transparent, easy and most importantly: motivating. **The role** We’re looking for an experienced and talented VP of Engineering, who can help us grow our team from 5 to 50 engineers in the coming years. This will involve: * Prioritizing the various projects so that our implementation plan is aligned with our business strategy. * Monitoring progress of the team, adjusting plans as required to ensure we achieve our deadlines. * Ensuring that we build software that meets the requirements outlined in our specifications. * Suggesting and implementing improvements to our development process and tech stack. * Assessing the performance of team members, making hiring decisions on new team members. Our tech stack is Python3/Django/TypeScript/React/PostgreSQL. We have a professional development environment, following usual best practices (CI/CD, high levels of test coverage, code reviews, etc). We value clear communication and integrity. **What we are looking for** * Excellent communicator, in both written and spoken English * Experienced in designing, implementing and providing a means of testing high-quality software * 4-year degree in computer science or other technical/scientific field. * Familiarity with our tech stack * Strong organizational and leadership skills. * Experience in a similar VP of Engineering role at a fast-growing startup. **What we offer** * We provide competitive salaries with compelling equity packages. **About our work culture** We are an informal company with a transparent, friendly and fast-paced work culture. It’s an inspiring place to work, because we are good at what we do and we love doing it. In a startup, it’s all about figuring stuff out – fast. We’re efficient and we respect each other’s time. When we make mistakes, we happily admit them and try to do better next time. The best ideas win and we don’t waste time on politics. Everyone, in any role, takes ownership of our product and the customer experience, and we make it a little bit better every day.