Frontend, Backend, DevOps, iOS at Splay

Posted on: 04/01/2021

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Tags: ruby rails chef ios ux vue terraform kubernetes aws

We design, build and operate a handful of high profile ecommerce properties with strict performance requirements and operating at massive scale. We've got some hard problems to solve but our work is rewarding and allows us the privilege of continuous innovation. We are a small and lean team that is growing and taking on new challenges. Hiring: [Frontend] Full Stack (Rails / Vue.js) Engineer - 3 to 5 years of experience with Ruby on Rails, familiar with Vue.js and modern front-end frameworks. You have a strong yet non-dogmatic opinion on the best tools for the job, and look forward to re-engineering and upgrading legacy technology when required. [Backend] Ruby on Rails Engineer/DevOps - 5+ years experience working with large, complex production Rails codebases. Comfortable extending/refactoring existing code as well as building new complex features. Familiarity with AWS, Chef, Linux, Kubernetes, Terraform and Fastly/Varnish configuration/optimization. Security aware and focused on performance and uptime whilst understanding of necessary tradeoffs in complex performance-oriented systems. Experience working with modern web frameworks (ideally Vue.js) is a plus. iOS Engineer - 4+ years experience developing iOS applications. Familiarity of APIs/backends and comfortable working with our backend team as the application grows. Strong grasp of Human Interface guidelines and UX best practices.