Software Engineer - Cloud Native Technologies (Flexible Location) at SUSE

Posted on: 06/04/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: salt github ansible terraform python

At **SUSE - SAP Technology Solutions**, our mission is to simplify and modernize the operation of SAP systems. Join the “SHAP” engineering team in delivering a rich stack of clustering, deployment, monitoring, and operation tools, specifically tailored for very complex and mission-critical workloads like SAP HANA databases and S4/HANA ERP application servers. **Requirements** The ideal candidate is a passionate, driven, and smart engineer, who takes pride in delivering excellent software and is a fervent proponent of the DevOps culture. We look for a fast-learning generalist and a polyglot programmer, able to embrace any common technology stack as the given tool of choice, knowledgeable on the latest tech trends and best practices, and striving to find the right balance between pragmatism and attention to details. **We will expect you to be:** * proficient with at least one or two different programming languages, and willing to learn more; * knowledgeable on generic software engineering and distributed systems fundamentals; * well-versed with open-source software development practices; * very familiar with Linux container technologies and the CNCF landscape in general; * a confident user of GNU/Linux, shell scripting, Git, and other tools for the job; * fluent with English, both spoken and written. **We would also greatly appreciate:** * an established track record of open-source software upstream contributions (strong plus here!); * proficiency with Go and/or Python programming languages; * proficiency with infrastructure-as-code tools like Terraform; * familiarity with configuration management tools like Salt or Ansible; * some degree of knowledge in systems engineering. We do not put any particular emphasis on formal education or actual years of experience: what matters most is what you can do, and how you do it. **Responsibilities** Together with your team, you will need to delve into the development and maintenance of a significant number of small projects that vary greatly in purpose, complexity, and technical details. You will be required to adapt quickly and bring insightful contributions both to the design and the implementation processes, constantly raising the quality bar while pragmatically adding value. You will participate in daily video-conference team meetings, collaborate with your peers via real-time chat, GitHub, and/or other various tools, ultimately presenting your technical achievements to the relevant stakeholders in iterative time boxes. **Perks** Working for an established software company comes with some usual benefits: competitive pay, established career paths, and all the hardware and software you’ll need. In addition to that, you will join a fully geographically distributed team with a remote-first mindset, championing a healthy work/life balance via flexible working hours and vacation policies. Open-source is at the heart of SUSE: that means you will spend the majority of your work time on your public track record, contributing to the global FOSS community. Your personal growth will be fostered by conference sponsorships, internal exchange and mentoring programs, hackathons, tech talks, and learning courses.