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Posted on: 09/01/2021

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Tags: django rust sql react kubernetes aws python

We're a distributed remote team with a public commitment to open source, transparency, and creating more value than we capture. Check us out on Enterprise Tech 30: (<>) Here's a bit about us: Our open-source software, dbt, enables anyone who knows SQL to engineer, document, and test data pipelines. By letting analysts work like data engineers, dbt makes it faster, cheaper and easier for teams to serve great analytics. dbt has 8,000+ active projects, and a slack community of over 14,000 folks. Check out our Series C & brand change announcement([](! Meet our Team: >>CTO/Co-Founder: Connor McArthur: <> >>Chief Product Officer/Co-Founder: Drew Banin: <> >> CEO/Cofounder: Tristan Handy - <> >Tech Stack: Python, Rust, Django, React, Kubernetes, AWS, SQL [we will teach you everything you need to know] >>>>>>>Engineering Manager: []( >>>>>Staff Software Engineer: []( >>>>Senior II Software Engineer : []( >>>Senior Software Engineer: [](