Developer Advocate at Teleport

Posted on: 03/30/2021

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Tags: javascript github python rust golang react kubernetes

Teleport allows engineers and security professionals to unify access for SSH servers, Kubernetes clusters, web applications, and databases across all environments. We are a rapidly growing Y-Combinator company well-funded by additional top-tier investors. You will be joining Developer Relations team of [Teleport](, unified access plane for SSH, Kubernetes and Database infrastructure. Nasdaq, SumoLogic and Samsung Electronics trust Teleport to secure access to their infrastructure. Teleport is an open source, written in Golang with web-based UIs in JavaScript with React. ### Here is why we love this job ourselves, and hope you will enjoy it too: + Our documentation is open source [](</li><li>We) are so passionate about docs we have built our own documentation engine: <> + Develop local version of the documentation and deploy in minutes automatically + We use privacy respecting analytics ### Here are the projects you may be working on: + Writing documentation from getting started articles to in-depth architecture guides + Writing sample code in Golang, Python and Rust + Sending PRs to core Teleport code base to improve error messages and user experience + Creating video guides, walk-throughs and webinars ### What to expect once you apply: + We will send you a 20-30 minute programming quiz + You will join 30 minute intro call and we will walk you through the compensation, interview process and requirements + You join a slack channel and submit a coding and documentation challenge in Golang or Rust using Github ### Requirements: + Golang or Rust experience + Interest and experience in writing documentation, explaining how things work and engaging with community + Cryptography engineering experience is a plus