Full stack / backend / frontend engineers at PetsApp

Posted on: 05/04/2021

Location: UK (REMOTE)

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Tags: lambda ios typescript cloudformation sns react dynamodb aws postgresql elasticsearch

PetsApp is a platform that allows pet owners to communicate with their veterinarians (vets) more easily. The means that more potential issues are seen by the vet leading to our furry friends having better health. The tooling provided to the team in the vet clinic means that they have improved efficiencies which means there is less burn out and more opportunities to provide better care to their patients. We have had an amazing 12 months: * >£2 million in payments * >300k virtual care interactions * 140k pets * 8k iOS App Store reviews * 4.9/5 iOS Rating * Top 10 rated Medical iOS app And now we're looking for more engineers to come and join us! We are hiring across the three roles of frontend, backend and full stack. Depending on the role you apply for you should expect to work on problems like these: * Building a free text search service that can scale from hundreds of thousands to millions of pets * Integrating with third parties where there isn’t an API (this is that sweet spot of very hard, very interesting, and very impactful) * Building a push notification service that can send tens of thousands of notifications without impacting our production stack * Scaling our stack to handle the traffic of millions of pets * Building a real time recommendation engine * Building a system to ingest the data for millions of pets * Owning our component library for both web and native * Contributing to the product roadmap and how we can make high impact changes often Tech stack: react web, react native apps, Typescript running on AWS Lambda, SNS, SQS, Dynamodb, Elasticsearch, Postgresql, Athena, Glue, Cloudformation, CDK. Salary: $70k-130k depending on experience Apply here: <https://jobs.wrkhq.com/petsapp/16250#apply>