UX Designer at First Principle

Posted on: 01/03/2022

Location: US, New York (US Remote ok) (ON-SITE)

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Tags: node aws javascript react

Who We Are and What We Do First Principle is a creative venture studio based in New York City and serving clients and startups all over the world. Our focus is on helping organizations create new products and proof-of-concepts for emerging technologies or imagining a brand-new version of an existing service or product from the ground up. We’re small, tight-knit and looking to hire. We think you can do big things with small teams of generalist product designers and we’re looking for people to help lead projects under the design direction of our partners. You will take projects from idea to exact pixels and own large parts of the responsibilities in making a product successful. Self-starters, people who like to explore, tough question askers and those comfortable with iterating and throwing work away usually get along with us. <https://firstprinciple.co/jobs/> First Principle | Frontend Developer | Part-time | US, New York (US Remote ok) First Principle is a creative venture studio investing in and building digital businesses. We are looking for an experienced frontend developer to help us lead our development projects. You will be responsible for leading our team of outsourced developers and to work with the design and ideation team to come up with intelligent solutions to many different types of problems and challenges. The perfect candidate is an expert in: Javascript, CSS/HTML, React, node.js and other web technologies who understand how to connect with various backend frameworks such as AWS, Twilio, Agora etc. If you love solving problems, understand web technologies really well and would like to work on a lot of very different projects with a lot of interesting people then don't hesitate to get in contact we are really nice people.