Software developers at Relex Solutions

Posted on: 02/03/2021

Location: Helsinki, Finland (ON-SITE)

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Tags: kubernetes

RELEX is a fast-growing software company developing products that help retail companies plan and operate more efficiently. By accurately forecasting consumption of goods, we reduce inventory costs, increase availability and cut waste. Helping retailers eliminate food spoilage and reduce fleet emissions from transportation has a significant environmental impact as well! We crunch huge amounts of data from the largest retailers in the world using our in-house-built columnar in-memory database, which stores tens of billions of rows of data. We utilize a clustered deployment of the platform to achieve high availability and horizontal scalability. Check job postings for more detailed info on tech-stacks: DevOps / Kubernetes Engineers (<>) Performance Test Engineer (JMeter, JFR, benchmarking) (<>) Site Reliability Engineer (CI/CD) (<>) (Senior) Data Scientist, combinatorial optimization (<>) Visual UI Designer (<>)