Senior Data Engineer at Curri

Posted on: 04/22/2022

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**Who are we?** We are Curri and our mission is to be the way the world delivers construction and industrial supplies. Curri provides on-demand, last-mile logistics for construction and adjacent industries with our nationwide fleet of cars, trucks, and flatbeds. Curri was founded in 2018 and was a part of the YC S19 Batch. We are a fast-growing start-up with over 100+ employees located all across the United States working in a remote environment. We're solving a massive, global problem of inefficiency in the construction industry. We imagine a world of efficient construction sites resulting in a net win for the entire world. Find out more at []( **If you join Curri, you’ll have a hand in:** * Shaping our company culture * Shaping our engineering culture * Developing engineering best practices (product, development, hiring, etc.) * Growing the team * Growing the company * The direction and focus of Curri’s product roadmap **About you** * Experience with relational databases and SQL * Experience using technologies and frameworks like (but not limited to) some of our most-used languages — Node, Typescript, Python — is an asset, but not required * Experience at a startup or similarly fast-paced environment * Curiosity and passion to constantly learn new things; Curri changes fast, and we need the people who work here to be able to change and learn fast too * Strong aptitude with data best practices and how they might apply (or not apply) to the current state of data engineering at Curri **About this role** * Spearhead the integration with different data SaaS solutions such as Snowflake, Census, Hightouch, Fivetran, Collibra, dbt, Trifacta, Hevodata, Select Star, Soda, and/or Mode. * Identify data needs for business and product teams, understand their specific requirements for metrics and analysis, and build efficient and scalable data pipelines to enable data-driven decisions across all of Curri * Design, develop, and own data pipelines and models that power internal analytics for product and business teams * Help the Data team apply and generalize statistical and econometric models on datasets * Drive the collection of new data and the refinement of existing data sources * Develop relationships with production engineering teams to manage our data structures as the Curri product evolves * Develop strong subject matter expertise regarding what questions we can answer with our current Data and advocate for OR implement additional data collection **Why you might be excited about us** * We're solving a massive, global problem of inefficiency in the construction industry. When we crack this nut, we imagine a world of efficient construction sites resulting in a net win for the entire world * We're small, so you'll be able to contribute efficiently and without bureaucracy. You'll quickly have responsibility over big areas of our product. We intend to keep it this way * We don't have a ton of meetings. In fact, we try to only meet on Tuesday and most engineers have zero on the other days. When we do meet synchronously, you'll always have the opportunity to contribute * Our team has a diverse set of opinions and experiences (YCombinator, Apple, Dollar Shave Club, Houzz, and more) and want to learn just as much as teach * You'll be able to work remotely and set your own schedule. We don't micro-manage and will help you do great work. Most of our engineers work US hours, but organize their work day to be whatever's best for them * We optimize for mobility—both vertically and horizontally. Put differently, we want you to grow into new areas of responsibility (whether managerial or technical) *and* we want you to work across the platform should you so desire * There is no work/life—there is only life and want your time at Curri to be life-giving and foster the best version of *you*. We care about family and your own personal development, and don't expect for you to be always engaged with work. Our on call is opt-in * We value autonomy, ownership, and accountability. We believe that a day is too granular a unit of measure (bye-bye daily stand-ups). We'll task you with leading a project for 8-weeks, where you'll be tightly aligned with the business needs and stakeholders Be sure to follow us on [Twitter](, [LinkedIn](, [Facebook]( and [Instagram](