Frontend Engineer at PixCap

Posted on: 09/20/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: babel typescript ux react angular vue javascript

PixCap is building the world’s first 3D animation editor on the browser with AI motion capture technology. Our mission is to make 3D animation much simpler, accessible and collaborative than existing 3D software. **We are looking for highly driven frontend engineers to help make our app the easiest and fastest 3D animation editor ever made.** **About:**We are looking for a front-end engineer that can use UX/UI designs of 3D animation web software and implement into production ready code. The candidate will lead styling and front-end implementation of user-facing features. **Responsibilities:** * Implement GUI for managing application data in PixCap’s browser-based animation editor with reactive frameworks (VueJS) * Optimize application for speed, scalability, and responsive web design * Build robust unit tests for stable and reliable releases **Knowledge Requirements:** * Strong JavaScript/Typescript skills * Strong knowledge and experience in any reactive framework (Vue, React, Angular) * In-depth experience with HTML5, css, canvas, and svg * Experience with ES6, typescript, webpack and transpilers like babel * Understanding of different browser requirements for responsive web design * Proficiency in spoken and written English **Preferred Work Experience:** * Implemented a web app in production using VueJs * 3+ years work experience in front-end or full-stack engineering of web applications * General knowledge of 3D animation or experience using 3D animation tools (e.g. Maya, Blender, Unity, etc)