Senior Javascript Dev / React + NodeJS / Remote / Fintech - EU timezones at Mintensive

Posted on: 09/23/2021

Location: (REMOTE)


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Tags: swagger neo4j mongodb cassandra restful couchdb hbase react docker python graphql nodejs kibana elasticsearch

We're looking for an experienced software engineer that will be given a wide a range of responsibilities from shaping and implementing digital products to ensuring that the latest relevant applicable technology is used. We expect a contribution contribute across the full vertical technology stack, including CI/CD and security. This is a long-term, stable contract offer within a team of senior developers, designers and PMs. **Requirements** * Senior experience in full-stack web app development using React and NodeJS * Excellent knowledge of at least on of database technology, such as PostgresSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, HBase, Neo4J. * Overall knowledge including common technology used for software development RESTful APIs, Single Sign On, LDAP, GraphQL, Swagger, Elasticsearch, Kibana, auth0, etc * Working knowledge of DevOps, Docker, CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure as code * Deep knowledge and proven hands-on experience in designing, implementing and maintaining an event-driven, microservices-based distributed applications * Experiences with highly scalable applications and application security * Experience with unit testing frameworks relevant to the technology stack * Go or Python experience a plus * Community contributions (e.g., open source work, publishing / speaking on technical ideas) are a plus **Benefits** * Fully-remote position * Competitive daily rates * Stable, long-term contract