Backend Software Engineer at Transportant

Posted on: 05/02/2022

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: prometheus ux react javascript graphql typescript ansible postgresql python

Transportant helps K12 school systems keep students safe by making their school buses smarter. This also reduces fossil fuel use and helps the environment. There are 560k school buses in active use in North America. It's a larger industry than all other public transportation combined. Bus driver staff turnover approaches 160% annually. Technology helps new and substitute drivers learn routes and students and make sure students get off at the right stops. Transportant builds modern hardware and software. Features include bus wifi for students, touch screen for drivers, a mobile app for parents, custom live streaming cameras, remote "speak into the bus" ability for administrators, ridership management, safety sensors, and improved routing. Founded by veterans of the software security and mobile industry, Transportant is a small but senior team of Linux hackers, security engineers, database and systems builders, UX and industrial design. Our customers are school systems across the USA and Canada who are overjoyed with modern UX for transportation. We are seeking multiple backend software developers to join our team. The backend tech stack is Linux, PostgreSQL, Go, and Python. Much functionality is implemented directly in the database. Frontend is supported through REST and GraphQL APIs. Other examples of technology we love: Wireguard, Single board computers, Linux, Ansible, Prometheus, Typescript, Javascript, React, and Open Street Maps. Not so much: XML, Java, ASN.1, Dual EC DRBG, Printers.