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Posted on: 04/29/2022

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**👋 Why we're doing this:** We’ll make this brief. [1.5B](http://1.6B) humans don't have adequate housing and Jupe is working towards a long term vision to shelter as many of them as possible. We need a zero-to-one solution for housing, and Jupe aims to be just that. More on the vision with our CEO [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xN_og8z5yQw&ab_channel=GarryTan) and be sure to check out all about Jupe on our[careers page](https://www.notion.so/jupeinc/Work-Jupe-let-s-shelter-Earthlings-bdd61c2d3e4f4e1e97c98c47b3719228)! **👯‍♀️ Why a growth marketer?** This problem is growing - there are 90 million displaced homeless, refugees, and disaster victims every year. "Affordable" housing is a joke in most major cities. If Jupe is going to win this footrace we have to grow faster than the problem. This is a HUGE challenge. Our growth marketer will jolt us into a higher velocity, starting with our go-to-market outdoor hospitality product offerings. 📈 **What will you be growing?** -We've had a TON of incoming interest from customers - now it's time for us (you) to reach out to the world -Prospect and test multiple growth channels, at lightning speed -Drive growth in new and unusual ways, we know the classic strategies so we need you to get crazy strange creative -Set and hit monthly growth goals, with the support of the entire team -Identify product and marketing changes needed to supercharge growth **🧙🏼‍♂️ About you:** We are looking for a superstar. * You have a few years of experience in helping start-ups grow and acquire their first few hundred/thousand customers * You have experience in identifying and successfully exploiting new low-cost growth channels * You enjoy working in an early-stage technology company and having an impact on their entire business * You are numbers and product-driven * You LOVE talking to customers **🧰 Additional Requirements:** Be a good human being or at the very least a nice tourist on the planet. **🚀 Ready to grow something amazing for humanity?** This will be one of the first ten employees at Jupe, so you'll be integral to building the future. Apply here and/or write the CEO, Jeff, directly why you want to work at Jupe on twitter @ProfDumpster!