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Posted on: 06/09/2022

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At [Portal](, we're building Shopify for Service Businesses. We want to make it easy for entrepreneurs anywhere to start and scale service businesses: marketing agencies, bookkeeping firms, recruiting agencies, and thousands of others. While it is straightforward to set up a Shopify store and sell a *physical product* on the Internet, entrepreneurs that want to sell and deliver a *service* on the Internet have to stitch together SaaS apps, and even then are unable to offer clients a streamlined experience under their own brand. We want to change this by giving service businesses the building blocks (messaging, payments, etc.) to design their own product and offer their clients a modern streamlined experience. In February 2022, we raised a $10M seed round led by Ali Rowghani at [YC Continuity]( and [Lachy Groom]( Other investors include [Y Combinator](, [Liquid 2](, [Tribe](, [Addition](, [Slope](, YC partner and Scribd founder [Jared Friedman](, former SVP Product at Lyft [Ran Makavy](, and Pipe founders [Zain Allarakhia]( and [Josh Mangel]( About the role -------------- We believe video is the most powerful format to tell stories about our customers and deliver educational content. Since Portal is a set of building blocks that can be combined in creative ways by almost any kind of business, we want to show our audience what is possible. And since we serve so many types of companies — from agencies to online therapists, tutoring businesses, and 100s others — we think that there is a massive opportunity to share specific tutorials catered towards specific types of businesses. To get a sense of what we're looking to do, two companies that we believe have executed an A+ video strategy are [Glide]( and [Webflow]( In this role you'll work directly with the CEO, meet our customers, become an expert on the product, and lead the entire video creation process — research, scripting, production, voiceovers, motion graphics, editing, and more. We don't expect you to be an expert in all of these areas, and you'll have the ability to pull in contractors if we need difficult shots, expensive equipment, challenging motion graphics, or other support. Who you are ----------- * **You're passionate about teaching.** You love deconstructing and teaching complex topics. You have a portfolio of content you can point to. * **You're passionate about learning.** You love independently learning new things and have excellent attention to detail. * **You're experienced.** You have 4+ years of experience in video production—scripting, recording, voiceovers, motion graphics, editing, etc. (the more the better!). What you'll do -------------- * **You'll become an expert about Portal.** In order to write scripts and create compelling videos, you have to understand the product inside-out. * **You'll research.** You'll get to know many of our customers and understand the problems they are solving with Portal. You'll also research the industries we serve and the other products our customers use together with Portal. * **You'll own the video production process.** You'll write scripts, produce and edit videos, do voiceovers, incorporate design assets, create motion graphics, and more. If you are an expert in some of these areas, but not all, you'll be responsible for bringing on contractors and agencies to fill the gaps. * **You'll collaborate with design.** A large fraction of our video content will include the product. You'll thus need to work closely with our designer, use Figma, and design motion graphics to showcase UI flows. * **You'll produce incredible videos.** Some of our favorites are [this]( or [this](